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Just to let you know Pooh Bear (aka Maverick) will be 16 months on Christmas Day. He is the most fantastic dog! He is sweet, smart, rarely barks - and the love of our lives. His best friend is our black kitty "Jet" - and he loves all people. People are amazed at how friendly he is without being obnoxious or 'jittery' like some small dogs.
We will definitely get another Norwich from you someday down the line.

Dear Louise,

We are loving our new puppy.  He really is perfect.

David and family


Thank you for a beautiful puppy.  Sadie has a nice top line and head.  Her movement is excellent.  Her attitude is just right for the show ring.  She wants to play all the time.  I know the new little boy will be just as nice.  We are going to call him Stormy. 


Jenny and Roger

Hi Louise, we just returned from the veterinarians office and Bentley was a hit everybody was kissing and hugging on him thinking he was the cutest thing and of course he is :-) They said he looked very healthy all is well and that he is not due for any shots for three more weeks.

Thank you for the new addition to our family we love him dearly.

Sincerely, Mike and Bonnie

Hi Louise,
Cooper is doing great.
He has been really good with going potty outside. We tell him "go potty" and he knows what that means and does his business. He's a very smart dog. He's still a little mouthy and likes to nip but we try to give him something to chew on right away to try and break him of this.

Bryan and Sherry Fehnel

Hi Louise!
My Oscar is the light of my life! I love him to pieces!!
Hi Louise,
He is the love of my life already!  He is right by my side everywhere I go.  Happy Holidays!!      

Margaux and Dundee - Oct. 6, 2014.
Dundee is fearless. She is now trying to lead the backyard patrol. Margaux has her work cut out for her - she loves her little friend. We all do.

Joy Jarjour

Hi Louise,

src=I want to thank you for my little Wali. He has brought such life and joy to our home. He is so outgoing, intelligent,curious, and fits into our family like he's always been here. Thanks for your recent advise in your last email. It has been a pleasure. Thanks again for everything!

Jacqueline Lewis

Hi Louise,

Dr. Elsom said they are very healthy :-) We are having so much fun getting to know each other.  Thank you for your dedication to be a responsible and caring breeder!  They are both so well socialized.  Here is a picture of them at the vet.

Thank you again, Renee, Sophie, and Hudson

Hi Louise,

What a pair they are !! Thank u!

Diane, and brother Michael with Hunter (Norwich Terrier)

Hi Louise,

We want to thank you so much for bringing our little Emma Louise into our lives! She has brought so much joy to not only our lives but to so many others here in Florida. As you can see from the picture, she was our flower girl in our wedding. She flew from Florida to Rehoboth Bch Delaware to be in our wedding. We always wanted a little companion in our family to travel with us where ever we go. Louise you are a great breeder and we just love Norwich terroirs. Hope you didn't mind us giving our little Emma your name for her middle name. It reminds us of you everyday we use that name.

~ David and Tony and Emma Louise

Hi Louise,

Well we are almost a week in to having our new little baby at home with us, and we are just so in love with her!! She is doing very well and is doing extremely well with potty training.
 The vet said she is very healthy and that she is so happy to have a Norwich Terrier as a patient. She's only had one another in her 25 years of practice.
By the way, my inlaws are so in love with her that they now may be interested in purchasing a Norwich puppy as well!

Hope all is well,

Hi Louise,,

Thank you for Wicket.  We think he's great!  He had added a lot of sunshine and laughs to our world which needed his little funny self in it.  He's helped a lot with easing the sadness of losing my daughter so suddenly, so we really appreciate him.  (I ordered him an Ewok costume for Halloween, and I'll get you a picture once I do some alterations on it.  It is way too long for him in the legs, so I have some mending work to do in order for it to fit him.  But, he will look so cute with it on!)   

Have a great day,

Hi Louise,,

Harley has been a real joy as well as quite the challenge!  She loves being with her family and follows us around the house making sure she is always near us.  She has been great with the kids and LOVES to chase the ball when they hit it with the bat.  She will do this over and over and about 95% of the time brings it back and drops it.  We have been to three obedience classes and she passed the Good Canine Citizen test.  We still have some work to do on staying in the yard, but she loves other dogs and animals so she will chase after them.  She also goes for long walks with me every day.  She is also quite the watch dog, but we are working on the barking.  I am so glad you recommended this breed to us since we have really enjoyed having her as part of our family.

Kind Regards,
Gina Butler

Hi Louise,,

We just wanted to give you an update on our little guy.  His name is Snickers and he has blended in very nicely to our family.  Apparently he in unaware that he is a small dog!  He is now in charge of our Lab and our Norwegian Elkhound!   His health is excellent and we have already taken him for his first series of puppy training classes.   We are so thankful for him and wanted to let you know that he is doing terrific.

All The Best,
Val & Duncan Miller

Hi Louise:

We bought our Fearghuis from you in 2009 and have found him to be the best temperament for a companion, housemate, and beloved member of the family.

He is so affectionate he has put all my previous fears about "aloof terriers" to rest--he just isn't aloof at all.  He snuggles and cuddles and loves to be petted.  He is very smart and seems to know exactly what you tell him to do, or not to do.  Thanks for breeding such quality dogs--we love him dearly.



Sincerely, Rev.Dr. Bobbie Groth




Dear Respectfully Mr Robert and Louise,

Our love for this fellow is more than I could express and the honor you gave Brad and I to purchase him will never be forgotten...he is an incredible little fellow.....He gives loves, cuddles, kisses, shows tricks, and allows us to see one of Gods little animals all due to your generosity and love for others!!

Love you all....Always & Forever,

Brad, Kath, & Andy * *


Hi Louise,

Hard for me to believe but Pippin is 2 today! He is just the sweetest, friendliest dog. We adore him. He has a fan club of many of the young kids in our neighborhood, some even coming over to see if Pippin can come out to play! Hope you plus dogs are all well.

Amy Tiedemann

Hi Louise,
 I have wanted a Norwich terrier for over 20 years. I am very suspicious about buying anything over the internet let alone a little puppy.  After months of searching I came across Louise’s Vopelak Terriers website.  I was very impressed that the kennel is AKC inspected and licensed by the State of Wisconsin.  I then spoke to Louise about a puppy.  Louise allayed all of my concerns - being open and forthright about the Norwich pups, their socialization process, her philosophy on feeding and house training.

We quickly were able to make all of the arrangements to deliver our puppy to the West Coast.  When I showed up at Delta cargo the puppy was waiting for me in a new comfortable crate with her dog food and medical records attached to the top of the crate.  The whole process at Delta cargo took less than 5 minutes.

Two days later Lilo passed her vet check up with flying colors. Our vet commented on how nice and healthy she was and what a nice job Louise must have done with her.

 I cannot say enough how important Louise’s early work socializing Lilo has been.  Lilo is neither people nor dog aggressive.  She has not destroyed anything with her chewing nor dug any holes in the yard.  She has this wonderful mellow temperament where she just wants to be part of the family. She does love chasing squirrels, though!  The house training schedule Louise provides with the purchase worked great!  Lilo easily passed puppy obedience class too!

  I can comfortably give Louise and Vopelak Terriers my highest recommendation.  -Joe 

Hi Louise-

Just wanted to let you know that as Bodie approachs a year old he is doing great!    He also has turned very blonde and grey/blue.  His dispostion is great.  He plays hard.  He loves fetch and tug; he will bring toys to you and "throws" them at your feet to play with him.  He also loves to cuddle; when he wants to nap he prefers a lap to do it on and at night he has to sleep on or right next to me.  I am attaching a couple of photos for you to see how cute he is. Everyone who sees him falls in love, even "cat" people.


Take Care,


Hi Louise,

Annie is a sweetie. Full of terrier ENERGY, fun and love. She is veryaffectionate and loves to sit either next to me or on my lap. She warns me when she hears ANYTHING, but calms quickly when I say...it's ok. Thank you for telling me about that! :) I comb her most everyday and she seems to like that. She sheds little because I keep her brushed and combed. She did very well at her first grooming appointment. She is an EXCELLENT traveler. She travels in her kennel in the back seat and sleeps much of the time.

I just want you to know how much we appreciate you and your hard work. I would buy another puppy from you in an instant and recommend you all the time. My hands are full with my 2 pups, but who knows what the future will bring. I am finding that I like the Australian Terrier breed very much and would consider another one.



Hi Louise!

As promised, I am writing you to let you know how our little guy did at the vet. My vet loved him and everyone there couldn’t get enough of him! He has such a wonderful little personality that you really notice when he’s in the room. The vet said everything checks out well and he was most impressed with the care he received before we got him. He was happy with our food choice (the life’s abundance stuff) although he wasn’t familiar with it. When I told him it wasn’t dissimilar from Arcana or Orjen he was happy. Nigel has another round of shots in a month but that should be the last of it before yearly boosters. We started him on Advantage because it’s flea season here and my vet gave me three months of heartworm prevention medication for free.

His weight is good; he’s healthy and happy. He is very attached to us. We couldn’t have asked for a more loving, cheerful and awesome dog!

Malissa Phillips


My Dear Louise,

I think of you often, and love to share with the admirers of my precious
pet, Radar, about the dear retired school teacher who breeds these
fabulous dogs.|

You might remember the cantankerous fellow who accompanied me on my first
visit to your kennels. He has always had Australian Shepherds for his
side-kicks, and was quite bothered that I was not equally fond of the
breed. While I do love his dogs, I needed something a bit more mobile,
and easier for me to handle.

My choice of this sweet little Australian Terrier has also won my friends
heart to the extent of: he offered me all the money he had acquired after
a very successful race (about $11,000) in exchange for Radar. I refused,
of course.

Radar loves to ride on the four wheelers, golf carts, or anything he can
jump on that moves. He travels beautifully, and fills the void in my life
as a friend and companion after loosing my husband.

Jody Robinson


Dear Louise,

Kylie has been with us for over a month now and has adapted nicely to her new home.  She is a pleasant, well socialized little sweetheart, who loves interacting with friends and family.  She is particularly fond of our grandchildren, who range in age from 18 months to 6 years old.  Kylie also enjoys frolicking with our friend's Cairn terrier and taking walks at every opportunity.  She remains calm during thunder storms and barks only on occasion; what a treat!
Your insight and knowledge have been instrumental in giving us the best companion anyone could ask for.  Though hundreds of miles separate us, you have made our experience personal, for which we are grateful.  We look forward to recommending you to anyone who wants a terrific terrier with plenty of personality!

Kevin and Louise Kepple



Hi Louise,

I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful little dog.  Yesterday we went to the vet's office and she got not only a clean bill of health--the vet was impressed that she was so friendly and healthy.  I must admit, she's won me over and then some.  She was top of her class at obedience school and she loved playing with the other puppies.  After seeing so many other dogs interact with each other, I really can't compliment you enough on how well you socialized her before I picked her up.  I've seen dogs who've been given away too early and have pretty bad anxiety and social problems.  Not Roux.  She loves people and dogs alike and was even an angel when my four year old niece came to visit--her first real interaction with children.  Her best friend is a 100 lb Great Dane who lives in our building.  They are a riot to watch and Roux holds her own pretty well, mostly by zooming around in circles.  She's even started "hunting" as St. Louis was plagued with cicadas two weeks ago and she found them fun to catch and toss in the air.  I'm curious to see what happens when she finds the moles at my folks' house.    She's napping after the long car ride home.  .  Thanks again for the top notch breeding and work you put into your dogs before they find homes.   I

Thank you!
Jaime and Roux



Betty has certainly become another loving family member and changed our
lives completely.  She's recently finished six weeks of a private trainer
coming in once a week for an hour to help us teach her the basics (sit,
down, stop at the cross walks, etc).  Her whole housebreaking/potty training was really no issue as she came fairly trained to go outside from you.

When we picked her up she was 5 lbs and she is now at least 11 lbs.  She's taken a road trip to Mississippi w/me to see my daughter and grandkids and
she was a total jewel the whole trip.  She's become quite well known to all the other dog walkers in the area who all yell out her name when they see her.  We go to the beach at the end of our street almost  daily and it takes a lot of effort to keep her from jumping in the water every time.  She LOVES the beach and gets very excited when we get close. 

One question: when does she get her first hair stripping?  I thought you
said to wait until at least six months, but wasn't sure.  We have a dog
groomer nearby that claims to do hand stripping, but I need to inquire more.

All in all it's been a smooth & fun transition into puppy ownership, more work than expected, but well worth the sweetness Betty has brought to our lives.  Thank you for preparing us and breeding such a good dog.  We will always be grateful.

Michael and Jorge

Hi Louise,,

We want to thank the two of you for providing such a great family for us toFour Terrier Pups on their ride home from Vopelak Terriers, Necedah WI enjoy.  Our first vet appointment is tomorrow morning, and we will make sure to continue with the same great care that you have given them in their formative weeks.

Your Friends,
Tom & Kathleen


Hi Louise,

I hope spring has arrived in Necedah!  Peanut is doing great.  He graduated from puppy kindergarten through a local training club and took the Silver medal - 95/100 for basic obedience.  He heels, sits, stays, stands and LOVES EVERYONE on two and four feet.  He's a smart and tough little guy who is a bona fide member of the family.

He will be neutered the first week of July and has had all of his shots including those for Lyme and lepto.  Peanut's handled each with aplomb although the teething has slowed him down just a bit the past 2-3 weeks.  He gets lots of walks here in the suburbs and then gets to be a country dog romping at our place in Wisconsin - all 45+ acres of it including the pond area with all its frogs and chipmunks to be stalked.

Thanks again for the wonderful, healthy puppy.




Hi Louise,

Well Lucy is 11 months old today. She is a honey of a dog. Temperament is great; we are taking our second obedience class. She is a ratter though, she catches and kills moles she finds in the back yard.....going on 3! I have referred many a person to your website. I hope they have considered one of your dogs. 

Best Wishes,
Judy Ulrich

Hi Louise,

We wanted to bring you up to date on Badger's progress.  Last Saturday Badger graduated from puppy preschool.  He was a real star, he loved all of his classmates and they loved him.  Not only did he get along wonderfully with all of his classmates, he also loved all of the people.  Such a friendly little guy.  He informed a lot of folks from the training class, and the vet's office about the Australian Terrier breed.  We hope to do agility when he is old enough.  He's very smart, healthy and loves a job.  He's the light of our lives.  Thank you for our wonderful little Badger.

Best Regards,
Jerry & Suellen Petak

Good Morning Louise,

Just wanted to let you know Hunny had her appointment with the vet yesterday and our vet says she is "perfect".
Hunny is doing absolutely great on potty training.  This morning she went outside and did both, came in and drank her water, took her vitamin, played and went in her crate.  She wasn't even crying when I left for work which made it a lot easier to leave her.
 She had her portraits taken on Monday and was an angel.  I have attached the portrait we are using for the Pet Photo Contest.  We are hoping she will win!
Thanks once again for providing us with such a wonderful little puppy.  She is very well adjusted already and we are all a very happy little family.

Colleen Dunnett


Hello Louise:

We continue to enjoy Izzy.  She is part of the family and part of our routine.  She is potty trained.  I havebells on our sliding door that goes to the back yard, which I lowered for Izzy. She like our big dogs puts her nose in the bells to ring them when she has to go outside.
  We had a fresh snowfall last night and Izzy had a little romp on the snow.  Here are a couple of photos.  She is 11-weeks old this week.
 It has been a snowy New England winter since we returned from Wisconsin.  It seems whenever Seattle gets nasty weather, we get snow.  It is not as cold as Wisconsin and because of Izzy I am hoping for a January thaw.



Hi Louise,

Our main purpose is to let you know that were are just plain flabbergasted with the service you and Christine gave to us.  Yours was the first website I pulled up in search for Australian Terriers, and just after one phone call, I knew I didn't have to search further.  After making arrangements, tragedy struck us but you still made it so easy to acquire the puppy.  Though I arrived to pick up the puppy at dinnertime, Christine brought the puppy to me, sat with us and briefed me on the breed, the paperwork, and made certain that I was comfortable with the pup.  She acclimated Mattie to people so well that the pup didn't whimper, whine or even show any unease with me.  On our trip back to Iowa, Mattie sat in the passenger seat and she couldn't have behaved better.  After the long drive home, Mattie went about her business of getting acquainted with my wife and our 5 cats.
You and Christine are to be congratulated for your efforts.  You go far and beyond what most breeders do.  Your service is, what we refer to in my business, WORLD CLASS!!!!  I will be proud to give recommendations to anyone who would ask me about your services and "products" I know you will treat each and every person who deals with you with honesty and respect.  Prospective customers of yours and Christine's can look at as many breeders as stars in the sky and they won't find one better.

Thank you so very much for everything
Dale & Judith Dutt


Hello Louise,
Well it's been a week that Monty has been with us, after all the research I did, and all  the E-Mail and correspondence, I am thrilled with our new Australian Terrier.  Monty  has been settling in nicely, he has already stole our hearts.  I want to thank you for all the work you put into training him to use the paper to do his potty, this has helped us tremendously in getting him house trained, all the work you did for our pup shows in how healthy and happy he is.  Monty is the perfect pet for us, I know he is going to bring us many years of Joy.  I will keep in touch and let you know how he is progressing.
God Bless you Louise, 
Gaye,Alain and Monty


Hello Louise,
As I mentioned in my email the other day, we couldn't be happier with our new addition.  She's just wonderful; extremely intelligent, affectionate, happy and great with everybody.  Sadie is such a joy.  We are so glad you suggested we think about an Australian Terrier.

Joe Weicher
Arlington Heights, IL



Hi Louise,
Our Little guy is the best puppy we have ever had.  He has been
 wonderful and just what we needed in our house. Our vet has declared him to be perfect, but I have never seen a dog that our vet didn’t love either. He got a little tender from his lymes shots but other than that, he is like a little brick and goes between full speed and sound sleep. He is even starting to “kennel up” with a bribe. We were lucky to have almost a full week of one ear up and on earn still flopped down.

Laurie Dibb


Hi Louise,
 I wanted to drop you a line regarding Boomer's vet appointment on Tuesday.
 The vet checked him over and spent a long time with him.
 She said that he was one of the healthiest puppies she had ever seen, and  that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him!  That should make you  feel great, for everything you are doing for the puppies is resulting in  wonderful dogs.
 Thank you again for providing this wonderful little puppy for our family.







Louise and Robert,
Thanks again for the best little Australian terrier!!

We really enjoyed meeting both of you and seeing all  of your beautiful pups and parents. We really  appreciate the time you took to answer all of our 100+
questions and are already are putting into place all of your recommendations.
We took "Kazemeres" to the vet today and he was extremely pleased  with the wonderful, professional care  you gave him and all your pups.  The vet said he is right on schedule with all shot and de-worming and  will see him again in 3 weeks. Our vet was also  impressed with the NU-VET vitamins.  He completely agreed with additional supplements especially during  this very important formative first year.

John and Jane


After about two weeks one person expressed his thought about his new puppy this way:  "its a shame to call this puppy a dog because it acts more like a human being"  Quote from a Satisfied Customer. 

Meet Wyatt, a Norwich puppy that was adopted by a couple and put on their blog.  Check it out here

Please note:

Reserving a Puppy

-We require a $200.00 deposit to hold the puppy of your choice.   (click here)
-We accept personal checks and postal money orders for the deposit.
-We ship all over the US and Canada.  We use Northwest and Delta as our carriers.



AKC Inspected Terrier Breeder



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