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Reserving a Puppy

-We require a $200.00 deposit to hold the puppy or we also take retainers for upcoming litters.
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-We accept personal checks and postal money orders for the deposit.
-We ship all over the US and Canada.  We use Northwest and Delta as our carriers.


Vopelak Terriers

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AKC registered Australian Terrier & reg. Norwich Terrier puppies now!

AKC Inspected Terrier Breeder


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Looking for the right terrier to become the newest member of your family?

You came to the right place!

At Vopelak Terriers we have beautiful Australian Terriers and Norwich Terriers for sale.

We found the Terriers  to be cute, very intelligent, hardy, easy to train, and very good with our three children we were also raising on our farm.

Since we only have a small group of dogs, and with most of them being our pets, we can devote much more attention to the pups making them very well socialized before the leave for their new homes. 

For those who are sensitive to fur, these terriers; Australian and Norwich make great pet companions as they are non-shed hypoallergenic breeds and require very little grooming to look great.

Why should you choose Vopelak Terriers...

Raising terriers with honesty and integrity for nearly 35 years.
Quality Terriers with champion blood-lines
Nationwide delivery arrangements available
Family owned & operated business
Loving personal care from birth to your home
Large outdoor run area for the terriers to play and grow
Clean heated nursery for a great start in life
De-wormed with the first shots already given on delivery
Terriers are socialized from birth
Offer a 1 Year health guarantee
Started Paper Training/Potting outside (weather permitting). This makes transition easier for house training

We chose the Australian and  Norwich  terriers because we wanted only the best. We looked for a dog that lives long with very few health problems such as allergies, or skin conditions.

Terriers are a hardy breed that are good with children, and easy to train. Their size makes Terriers easy to handle, live with, and to travel with.

We also prefer the hypo-allergenic (non-shedding) breeds for people with allergies so they can also still enjoy these wonderful dogs.

The Terrier breed originates back to 17th century Scotland where they were breed as horse stable and barn dogs.

Terriers are also very intelligent and alert dogs so they make great watch dogs.

We have and will continue to ship to the U.S. and Canada using Northwest and Delta Air Lines, Inc. as our carrier and have never had a problem with their service.

Please feel free to contact us for information on the Australian and Norwich Terrier breeds, our litters, and to see how you too can become the proud new owner of one of these beautiful dogs.

Call Louise today at: (608) 565-7750

Our Motto:  Happy, Healthy Pups!
A dog is medicine without the side effects.

Louise Vopelak of Vopelak Terriers, LLC.
AKC Inspected Terrier Breeder

Look At Us!
Vopelak Terriers - Terriers sitting on the stairs

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Vopelak Terriers, LLC is a proud
AKC Inspected Terrier Breeder

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Listed below are our terriers of choice. Please contact us for more information on these wonderful breeds. 

AKC Australian Terriers

Vopelak Australian Terrier pup placed 1st in his division at AKC Dog Show

Australian Terrier
Vopelak Australian Terrier pup
places lst in his division at AKC Dog Show...

Australian Terriers
: The Aussies, as they are called for short, are the quietist and the gentlest of all the terriers. We have made it our strict policy to never inbreed, which is an important rule to follow in order to get a quality, healthy terrier.

The Australian Terrier is a small non-shed breed with a coat that is straight, medium length, practically odorless, and which requires little upkeep. The coat is enough to keep them warm, and they seem to enjoy the snowy days in colder climates.

They are a sturdy built breed with a height of about 10-11 inches, average weight is 12-15 lbs.  They are also one of the quietest of all terrier breeds. Colors available: Red, blue/tan. and sandy. They make excellent housedogs, are easy to train and are  good with children and get along well with other animals. Australian Terriers are listed in the category of 
Hypo-allergenic  and Non-shedding.

Australian Terrier Litter

Registered Norwich Terriers

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier

 A deposit will reserve a pup for you.






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